House Monkey

Home together. Living More.

What House Monkey does for you

House Monkey is a subscription-based home management solution designed to bring your ENTIRE tribe (family & friends living in your home) together to organize, schedule and complete everyday chores (like making a bed) AND home maintenance tasks (like changing air filters).

House Monkey includes a mobile app and a web based management tool so you can efficiently manage your household


The day to day platform that puts your tribe in the know and on the same page

  • View the daily chores and tasks
  • Easy, one-step communication directly from the House Monkey platform
  • Record or view how to do a task at a specific location in your home (monkey-see, monkey do)
  • Earn banana points and get rewards
  • View the overall status of your home

Web Based Tool

A password protected, cloud-based platform that stores & manages your data and is integrated with the app

  • Allows users to scan in PDF’s of contracts, warranties, receipts etc.
  • Archives data-heavy video and pictures
  • Alternative method to populate the data associated to your house
  • View your House Monkey Home Rating
  • Coming soon: View, export, & print reports such as
    • Appliance & utility maintenance
    • Tasks & chores
    • Home costs
    • Rewards

How House Monkey helps you manage your home more efficiently

Standard Functions Organize & Manage your home Engage your tribe Maintain an Accurate History
Set a maintenance schedule and chore list for your home or choose from our pre-populated list X X X
Assign tasks / chores to your tribe members X X
Receive daily notifications for upcoming & overdue chores & tasks X X
Schedule a repair and associate it to an appliance or utility X X
Schedule, manage and view upcoming events (ex: football practices, homework time, a cousin’s wedding) X X
Share and organize the tribe’s chores, tasks and events with your personal Google™ or Outlook™ calendar X X
Show them “how to do it” in YOUR house with Monkey see-Monkey do pictures, video’s and voice memo’s X X X
Set & earn banana points to reward your tribe X X
Connect your tribe with the one step intra-app chat feature X X
Track and manage appliances & utilities (warranties, user manuals, service contracts, receipts) X X
Share how well your home is being maintained with the House Monkey-Home Rating System X X
View your House Monkey Home Rating
Coming soon: View a variety of status reports:
  • Appliance & utility maintenance
  • Tasks & chores
  • Banana Points & Rewards

Click on the icons to see how House Monkey brings your tribe togather

Real time updates allows your tribe to stay connected and engaged

  • Add an urgent task, chore or event
  • Notify the home leader when a task or chore can’t be completed or when challenges arise
  • Leaders can reassign tasks or chores

My sister helped me take the garbage out when I was late for piano lessons

Integrate additional users when additional help is needed

Give the house sitter access when we go on vacation

Monkey See- Monkey Do: the “how-to do it” feature specifically designed for YOUR home

Build your own “Do It Yourself” video and photo library.

  • Pass along the skills, knowledge & experiences to complete chores and tasks in whole new way with greater consistency.  Capture yourself or someone else actually doing the chore or task in YOUR house right from your mobile device.
  • Houses a photo gallery of images (invoices, receipts, service contracts, business card) really whatever picture you need!

Optional Rewards!

If you decide to use rewards….. 

  • You decide the reward 
  • You decide the number of banana’s needed to get the reward
  • You opt how to reward

Bring your family together by rewarding the whole tribe:
Does your family want a puppy, dinner in their favorite restaurant, or a camping weekend? Encourage family excitement and vote on what you want to do as a tribe! Everyone will be excited chip in around the house and earn a family reward! 

Show appreciation for extra efforts from individuals:
Set individual rewards for each specific member of your family. (i.e, their allowance, a new shirt, a video game, ability to stay out a little later) whatever you and that child (or spouse) agrees to! 

Monkey Tribe

We want to thank the gracious folks who believed in House Monkey before it was developed & supported it on KickStarter
Pascale Logan
Clare Cavanaugh Goodwin
Kathy Burke
Kathleen Ennis
Glenn & Susan O’Brien
Jim and Debbie Hannon
Stacy Ferrier
Kathleen Abreu
Laura Pedowitz
The Heddy Family
Pierre Jeudy
Bernadette Dulyx
Tiffany Bottom
Tom and Shannon Liana
Dawn Samuels
Joanne Drozdowski
Vertulie Jeudy
Jenn Drews
Adeline Leger
Susan Kiefer
Steven Giurici
Elaine Davis
Russo Frank
Jason Pulsinelli
Megan Banks
Ted Menzies*
Audrey Wu
Denise Hewitt
Jim and Linda Zaffarese
Loren Bassi
Maria Veit
Barbara Harrill
Anne Butler
Rob MacLaughlin
Angela Toto
Jeannie Karvelas
Bill Jones
Megan Cote Lachance
Dila Jospitre

Going Banana’s Backer

Matt & Meredith O’Malley
Richard and Jody Garrett
The Clarkes
The DePompo Family
M. Anthony
Jeff Ferrier
Denise and Dave Schaefer
Adeline Conroy
Wiedemann Ann Marie
Nicole McMillan
Josephine Tobin
Darlene Doubert
Mike Sabbatini
Lisa Costagliola
Linda Alexander
Stan & Barbara Kwiatek
Edward Gensinger
Marie Leger
Angela Toto
A special thanks to Ted Menzies from Tee-Four Productions who not only supported House Monkey as a kickstarter backer, but also donated his time and talents to make the video’s! If you like his work as much as we do, you can find him at

The House Monkey Development Team

Mike Conroy

The idea originator of House Monkey, and our technology lead

Donna Conroy

Overall project manager, sales and marketing lead

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